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Who are you buying for?

Here you will find options to purchase tweaks for yourself, or as a giftcard for someone else


Buying for yourself.

No better time than the present. What is that they say, if you aren't progressing you are regressing? Yup. 

Nows the perfect time to get that game in shape for 2023. 

Buy for me

Buying for someone else.

Swingtweaks are the perfect gift. Every golfer could do with the keen eye of a PGA Professional on their swing.

Now they can have it, all thanks to you, you incredibly thoughtful human you. 

Gift tweaks to someone
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2024 is the year of the PB. 

  • 1:1 with a PGA Professional

    All our instructors are PGA Accredited.

  • Personalized Swing Review

    Nothing generic about this. Your swing. Your issues. Specific solutions. 

  • Specific Drill Videos

    No more searching YouTube for generic tip videos. Our Professionals point you straight to the drills you need to care about.

  • Always reviewable.

    Tweaks don't disappear. Imagine a lesson you can never forget. Thats Swingtweaks.

  • Convenient.

    No travelling back and forth to course. No scheduling nightmares. Work at your own pace on your own schedule. 

  • Fast Turnaround

    99% of our tweaks are returned within 24 hours. Most a lot faster. Hitting it bad today, solution on your phone tomorrow.  

Lower scores are right there.

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