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Golf lessons on their phone. Anywhere. Anytime. 

The single best gift you can give any golfer is the gift of improvement... and we're making it affordable.  



Don't just take our word for it. 


Adam Pifarelli, Australia.

Jonah Escalona, California.
Tim Dixon, North Carolina.

Alexander Finn, Colorado.

John Park, Illinois.
Muzzy Jackson, Florida.

$24.99 USD

A Single Swingtweak

Gift a Swingtweak

$67.99 USD

3 Pack of Swingtweaks

Gift a 3 Pack

$105.99 USD

5 Pack of Swingtweaks

Gift a 5 Pack

$199.99 USD

10 Pack of Swingtweaks

Gift a 10 Pack

How it works.

Upload your swing videos.

You can record in the app or choose from your gallery. We need two videos, one from "down the line" and one "face on".


Tell us about your game.

Include some detail about your issues, your average score and the things you have been trying to work on.


Get your lesson.

A PGA Professional will pick up your swing and return your lesson in under 8 hours. Most are returned within 2 hours.

  • Always reviewable.

    Tweaks don't disappear. Imagine a lesson you can never forget. Thats Swingtweaks.

  • Convenient.

    No travelling back and forth to course. No scheduling nightmares. Work at their own pace on their own schedule. 

  • Fast Turnaround

    99% of our tweaks are returned within 24 hours. Most a lot faster. Hitting it bad today, solution on their phone tomorrow.  

  • 1:1 with a PGA Professional

    All our instructors are PGA Accredited.

  • Personalized Swing Review

    Nothing generic about this. Their swing. Their issues. Specific solutions. 

  • Specific Drill Videos

    No more searching YouTube for generic tip videos. Our Professionals point them straight to the drills they need to care about.

2024 is the year of the Personal Best. 

When they shoot that personal best, they are going to remember that it was you that got them Swingtweaks.

Gift them lower scores. They'll thank you for it!

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