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The best gift for any golfer you know!

Gifting the golfer in your life some Swingtweaks is a guaranteed way to raise a smile and earn some brownie points.

We know its frustrating to shop for golfers, we are golfers!

Take a load off and get them the gift of better golf.

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2023 is the year of the Personal Best. 

When they shoot that personal best, they are going to remember that it was you that got them Swingtweaks.

  • Always reviewable.

    Tweaks don't disappear. Imagine a lesson you can never forget. Thats Swingtweaks.

  • Convenient.

    No travelling back and forth to course. No scheduling nightmares. Work at their own pace on their own schedule. 

  • Fast Turnaround

    99% of our tweaks are returned within 24 hours. Most a lot faster. Hitting it bad today, solution on their phone tomorrow.  

  • 1:1 with a PGA Professional

    All our instructors are PGA Accredited.

  • Personalized Swing Review

    Nothing generic about this. Their swing. Their issues. Specific solutions. 

  • Specific Drill Videos

    No more searching YouTube for generic tip videos. Our Professionals point them straight to the drills they need to care about.

$21.99 USD

Buy 1 Swingtweak

$54.99 USD

Buy 3 Swingtweaks

$94.99 USD

Buy 5 Swingtweaks

Lower scores are right there.

What are you waiting for?

Giving the gift of self improvement is never bad. This is a gift they won't forget.

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