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The easiest, most affordable way to get 1:1 Golf Instruction from a PGA Professional.

Swingtweaks is an app that lets you quickly, easily and affordably get professional instruction from qualified PGA Professionals whenever you need it.

1:1 instruction, video analysis and drills all for $22.99 USD.

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How it works

Swingtweaks is incredibly easy to use.  Whenever you need help with your game, we are the quickest, most affordable and best quality solution delivered right to your phone. 


Record some swings.

Golfers' can record their swing wherever, and whenever they want.

It only takes 20 seconds to upload it to the Swingtweaks App.

We've had people upload from Malaysia, Australia, Japan, in their basement, at Simulators, in their backyards or as you can see... in gymnasiums. 


Submit to the app.

Once uploaded, tell us about your major issues and the things you want to work on or improve.

This helps the Professional understand where you are, what you think is wrong and how you feel about your game. 

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Receive your tweak.

Our qualified PGA Professionals will respond


  • A detailed, narrated analysis of their swing. 
  • Some advice on your game in general. 
  • Some practice drills for you to take to the range to improve your game.

Download now!

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Read what some golfers, just like yourself, are saying.

"With any sport if you want to get better you need good coaching.

Swingtweaks helped me do that. I was able to video myself and send it in, that night I got a detailed analysis of my swing back."


Chad Evans, Calgary, Alberta.

"Overall the experience was super easy.

I would highly recommend it to anybody who doesn't have a ton of time.

It was really quick, really easy to do and I can definitely see myself using it again in the future to get more tweaks."

Ryan Nelson, Goodyear, Arizona.

"This is a great app!

I uploaded my swing and got fast feedback from the PGA pros. Their suggested drills are helping my swing become more consistent.

I'm used to getting face to face lessons but sometimes it's hard plan in advance. The app allows me to get 24/7 feedback which suits my schedule."

James Bentley, Dublin, Ireland.

And what some of our PGA Professionals are saying

"Swingtweaks is a great way for golfers to get a second pair of eyes on their swing from a PGA professional. It allows them to better understand what is good and what needs attention in their golf swings"
 Steve Lecuyer
Former NCAA Div 1 Golfer, Former PGA Tour Canada and South Africa Golfer, PGA Member
"Swingtweaks make it so much more affordable for the average golfer to get instruction from professionals, and they get to see exactly what us professionals do to help them improve"
Robbie Johnson
PGA Alberta Top 100, TPI Certified, PGA Member
Buy Tweaks

Swingtweaks allows you to purchase "tweaks" in app, or load up on discounted tweaks right here on our website. 

Available on your app store of choice!

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A single Swingtweak

Buy a Tweak


3 Swingtweaks

Buy 3 Tweaks


5 Swingtweaks

Buy 5 Tweaks

Built with you in mind

No need to travel to the course. 

No hassle with scheduling and calendars. 

All our Professionals are qualified PGA Professionals. 

Sign up. Submit A Swing. Better Golf. 



Swingtweaks is a lot more affordable than traditional lessons.

Check out our pricing.



No need to schedule a lesson. 

No need to organize anything. Simply upload your swing and wait.


High Quality.

Our Professionals are all PGA Certified.

Love golf and love helping golfers get better. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a tweak?

22.99 USD / 31.99 CAD / 19.99 GBP or equivalent in your part of the world (plus taxes). A very affordable way to get some professional instruction and start your journey to better golf.

Do you offer discounts or multi packs?

We sure do, buying through our website here you get discounts for multipacks. This makes the cost per tweak even less and you still get the same awesome high quality instruction you always get.


What do you need from me?

Two videos of your swing and some context about your game. You can record anywhere, we’ve had golfers record from their basement, their backyard and even one guy from a bunker (although we are pretty sure this is a two shot penalty… we didn’t let his playing buddies know)

Any tips on recording my swing?

Yes, we have some guidelines in the app so you know where to place your body. Other than that its very easy. You can balance your phone on your bag or ask your range neighbour for help (they are always happy to help). Try and have the camera about hand height, this gives Pro’s the best angles to help you.


What does that include?

It includes narrated video analysis from a PGA Professional on both the videos you send in, it also includes some notes and advice from that PGA Professional AND they will send you some exercises or drills for your specific issues so you can go practice and start hitting em flush. You don't need to scour youtube for swing tips, let our PGA Pro diagnose and curate your drills for you.


Do I need to schedule a lesson or book anything?

Nope, you just submit your “swing” and we find an available PGA Pro to get you some instruction as fast as possible. We believe in convenience with a capital C. It really couldn't be easier to get some advice on what to do to improve your game.


Who are the coaches?

We only work with PGA Accredited Professionals. They have got their Pro card, they love golf, they love teaching and, like us, all they want is to see you get better at golf.

Do I need to choose a coach?

No, you just submit your “swing” and we get you an available and qualified coach as soon as possible. However, if you want to send your swings to a specific coach you can do this by including their swingtweaks "pro handle" when submitting your swing.

How fast do I have a response from a PGA Professional?

Response times vary from 10 hours to 2 hours but we are averaging around 6 hours turnaround. That means if you are hitting balls on a Friday afternoon and submit a swing, you’ll have a response for your Saturday or Sunday practice session if you want it.


What if I don’t click with my coach or understand the instruction?

We know that teaching styles and learning styles don’t always match up, that’s why we think Swingtweaks is great because for such an affordable price you can try 4 or 5 Professionals for the cost of one in person lesson or online video lesson.

Can I use the same coach over and over?

You sure can. Once you get a response from a coach, and you feel like you click with them, you can choose to send all your future swings to that coach. We’ve had lots of users do this and they’ve built great rapport with their coaches.

Can I use this anywhere in the world?

Absolutely. You can submit a swing from anywhere, we will try bias the coach you receive to your geographic area just in case you do want to see them in person but we will always get you a response. We’ve had users from Malaysia, Egypt, Australia, Thailand, South Korea and many more. 


Does video instruction work?

Absolutely. Almost all Professional coaches use video tech these days. It’s the surest way to see your swing. Lots of times “feel isn’t real” so what you think is wrong… is not what is wrong. Seeing your own swing on video and having a PGA Pro explain to you the issues they are seeing is invaluable



This video shows you how easy and valuable Swingtweaks really is.

Up and Down Golf is a Youtube channel based in the UK. 

"Swingtweaks is an incredible tool for golfers to get help from PGA Professionals. The video analysis technology and ability to narrate, mark up and talk to the golfers makes it super easy to deliver a high quality lesson"
Markus Clift, PGA Professional.

Here's some more coverage of Swingtweaks.

NotAScratch Golfer is a Canadian Youtube Channel showing average golf in anything but average settings.

Contact us

Got some feedback? Questions? Comments? We are all ears.